StudentSign is built on top of the DocuSign digital signing platform. It has unique features designed for exchange student organisations.

  • Group all persons involved with a student (parents, teachers etc.) for automatic assignment.
  • Use forms to let parents and teachers sign a document for a student.
  • Authorize users to only see the documents they are entitled to.

Currently we are working on a demo environment. This will allow us to work together with interested parties to create an efficient and useful system. Pricing for production accounts is yet to be determined.

Below are examples and some screenshots from our demo environment.

  • Upload document

    Upload documents that must be signed and select recipients.

  • Predefined signing template

    For documents that need to be signed by all students, templates make signing easier.

  • Sign document

    Recipients receive an e-mail containing the link to the document and a request to sign.

  • Status overview

    Check who has signed the document and who hasn't (yet).